“The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do.”

I’m Mark – Author, Speaker, Coach & Life Strategist

Mark founded Bernard Training Solutions International, a sales company sparked to kindle relationships and ignite confidence among the sales leaders of tomorrow. Mark is absolutely committed to motivating this next generation of CEO’s, VP of Sales, Regional Managers, and sales professionals to explode sales and explode profits.
As a renowned sales trainer and sales coach, Mark helps sales organizations achieve sales success through his dynamical “7 Step Training Program” and his “Achieving Sales Success” Coaching Programs. As a premier speaker, Mark engages sales organizations to “make their mark” on the world.

FREE Template and 15 min Coaching Session.

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Motion Fitness “Bernard Training Solutions gave me the crucial tools in order to successfully navigate every step of a sale, based on my individual skill sets. Mark has designed a well-organized, straightforward program that thoroughly covers every step of a successful sale. I utilized Mark’s training skills and it helped me land a sale already, so I’m quite happy about that! I would recommend every company that is serious about improving their business success, put their sales team through this training.”
Kirianna Crowe
Certified Fitness Professional and Professional Trainer