Sales Results

There is no doubt that you were hired for your sales experience and sales talents. The question I have for you is, “Do you have a Sales System?”

This program will be hands-on/virtual experience to provide you with the necessary tools that you will utilize to increase your confirmed appointments by getting through to the right people and ultimately, close the sale.

Sales Programs Design for Achieving Sales Success

Sales reps without formal sales training or a sales system, mostly wing it. One minute there are high fives that they got a sale, the next they are in desperation because they are not hitting their targets.
Mission Core Values

Create Mission, Vision and Core Values for your company the right way to attract your ideal clients and ideal staff PDF. There will be One, 15min Coaching call.

Re-Kick Start Your Business

Re-Kick Start Your Business Increase Your Sales’ This is a Home Study with workbook plus 2 half-hour Coaching calls.

7 Steps To Sales Success

7 Steps to Sales Success- Navigating Through the Entire Sales Process’ Sales Training on Zoom Training or in person (only with closed company sales team) This is a two day event.

Motion Fitness “Bernard Training Solutions gave me the crucial tools in order to successfully navigate every step of a sale, based on my individual skill sets. Mark has designed a well-organized, straightforward program that thoroughly covers every step of a successful sale. I utilized Mark’s training skills and it helped me land a sale already, so I’m quite happy about that! I would recommend every company that is serious about improving their business success, put their sales team through this training.”
Kirianna Crowe
Certified Fitness Professional and Professional Trainer

Providing a Sales System that will ‘Achieve Sales Success’

There are “Universal Laws in Sales” that you cannot get away from. Bernard Training will provide you with these universal sales laws. You will also be provided with industry specific sales tools to take you from being good to being great. You will arrive at our “Achieving Sales Success” sales course as a Sales Rep., but you will leave our sales course as Sale Professional. As you use and implement the Bernard Training Solutions Sales System, you will get the appointment and close the deal.